I'm Chris Dary, a Dad, Software Engineer and Manager who Likes Sci-Fi and Once Caught a Kite on a Power Line.

I'm interested in ideas and technology as tools for change, particularly on the web, and I like to help others be happy and productive while doing so.

I keep my hands in all sorts of web technology and enjoy product focused leadership. I'm a technical generalist and enjoy all aspects of the stack. I'm a pragmatist: I've used a number of technologies to get things done, but they're primarily means to great products.

I'm interested in things like software architecture, product & business strategy, design, team dynamics, scaling, accessibility, UX, web standards, typography, community building, semantic HTML, and helping people.

I want to make the world a better place. I try to be honest in all things.


I'm currently the CEO and Cofounder of Limbo. Previously I was an Engineering Director at reddit, where I led the web group, a set of five teams focused on reddit.com on the product side, both desktop and mobile web.

Prior to reddit, I've worked at Etsy as Engineering Manager for Seller Economics and API Lead, was CTO of Readability and a partner and technical lead at now-acquired consulting firm Arc90.

While at Arc90 I was the creator of an idea collaboration startup called Kindling, and founding engineer of Readability, whose original javascript Apple's Safari Reader is based upon.


  • Limbo - Anonymously find your next ideal role
  • Intranaut (coming soon) - chrome/firefox extension to make navigating company resources easier
  • Readability - Easy Reading
  • Kindling - Idea Collaboration Software
  • Serendipity - reddit bot to broaden horizons
  • GifVine & GifInstagram - Now-defunct project to turn vines/instagrams to gifs
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